Mo’ money

The news is out: [A former Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Deputy has been indicted after being found with items stolen in Colfax County, 9th Judicial District Attorney Andrea Reeb announced Friday.
According to Reeb, 34-year-old Christopher F. McCasland was indicted by a Roosevelt County Grand Jury on a charge of receiving stolen property, more than $500 but under $2,500, a fourth-degree felony.
New Mexico State Police executed a search warrant on McCasland’s residence in July 2020 and found multiple items that were stolen from Colfax County.
The NMSP’s investigation revealed that he had been a law enforcement officer in Colfax County at the time the items were stolen and even took the report on the burglary where the property was stolen.
The investigation by the New Mexico State Police into activity in Colfax County remains ongoing.]

There isn’t much they haven’t done, and still have the support of many.

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