To serve and intimidate

The news is out: [A Black Lives Matter protester turned himself in Saturday after the New York Police Department attempted to arrest him on Friday — sending a large number of officers to his apartment allegedly without a warrant.
On Friday, NYPD officers attempted to arrest 28-year-old Derrick Ingram, co-founder of the nonviolent activist group Warriors In The Garden, at his apartment building in Manhattan.
In a statement to CNN, NYPD spokeswoman Sgt. Jessica McRorie said the officers were “seeking him for an open complaint report for an assault on a police officer” during a protest in Manhattan on June 14.
During the June protest, an officer attempted to prevent him from crossing a police line and a struggle ensued, McRorie said. Ingram allegedly “placed a handheld megaphone directly against the officer’s ear, activated the megaphone and yelled, causing pain and protracted impairment of hearing,” according to McRorie.
Ingram was unarmed when the officers, some in tactical gear, arrived at his building early Friday morning, according to a statement from Warriors In The Garden. Officers had police dogs and sharpshooters pointed rifles at his window, and more than 30 police vehicles were stationed outside Ingram’s building, the statement says. CNN could not independently confirm Ingram’s claims.
At the end of the block, Black Lives Matter supporters gathered, chanting things like “Where’s the warrant?”
“This was an attempt to silence our movement,” the statement says. “This militarized police response endangers the safety of residents in Hell’s Kitchen and across NYC.”
Ingram streamed the interaction live on Instagram.
On Saturday, Ingram, accompanied by an attorney, turned himself in on the misdemeanor charge of third-degree assault, the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said. He was released on his own recognizance and has been arraigned, the district attorney’s office said.]

Same tactics, same assholes, different civil rights activist.

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