Another black one

The news is out: [Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels was arrested Thursday on one felony charge and three misdemeanors following a year-long investigation into a sex scandal.
The scandal became public after the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, where Daniels previously worked as the jails director, announced an internal investigation into a corrections officer with whom Daniels had sex.
Daniels had instructed his staff to arrest the woman in May 2019 on stalking allegations, and his staff told prosecutors they didn’t feel there was just cause to arrest the woman.
The woman, Cierra Smith, resigned while under investigation for misconduct claims.
Prosecutors requested Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigate Daniels. The Jacksonville State Attorney’s Office, though, couldn’t move forward with prosecutions because of a conflict of interest. Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed Ocala State Attorney Brad King as a special prosecutor.]

Another one bites the dust. This is the black rat and zero who threatened to deputize gun owners to fight the BLM protesters.

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