His wussy feelings

The news is out: [Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Captain Alfonso Morales declared his intention to retire and file suit against the city on Wednesday.
Formerly Milwaukee Chief of Police, Morales faced criticism for the use of tear gas against demonstrators during citywide protests over the May death of George Floyd. Members of the Fire and Police Commission alleged that Morales had failed to live up to a list of directives designed to increase their oversight of the police department. Among the instructions was the provision of a report regarding the use of tear gas against protesters and expedited reports on open cases. Morales allegedly failed to fulfill the instructions, leading to his demotion.
“If I had known back in December 2019 what I know now, I never would have seconded the meeting for [Morales’] reappointment to be taken up and would have never cast my vote in support,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Robakowski during Thursday’s Fire and Police Commission meeting where Morales was demoted. “Mr. Morales has failed the men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department, the people of the city of Milwaukee and he has misled me. And none of this is acceptable.”]

It’s all about money and mostly ego. It’s hard to be a public servant.

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