American bigot

The news is out: [ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s House speaker on Friday took away a committee leadership post from a fellow Republican who said in a radio interview that the late U.S. Rep John Lewis’ “only claim to fame was that he got conked on the head.”
Rep. Tommy Benton, who was chairman of the House Retirement Committee, made the comment during an interview on WJJC-AM on Thursday while outlining his opposition to replacing Georgia’s statue of former Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens with a statue of Lewis in the U.S. Capitol. A number of state lawmakers, including some Republicans, are supporting the proposal, saying they want to honor Lewis’ leading role in the civil rights movement.
“I have never read of a significant piece of legislation that was passed with his name on it,” Benton said. “John Lewis, his only claim to fame was he got conked on the head at the Pettus Bridge. And he has milked that for 50 years.”
The remark was referring to when Lewis was beaten by Alabama State Troopers in Selma during a civil rights march in 1965, an attack that provided political impetus for the Voting Rights Act.]

This country is loaded with imbeciles; more idiots per square foot than any other place on Earth. Tommy Benton was probably loaded with moonshine after he bred his sheep.

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