My take on elections

This is one of my favorite times of the year, better than Christmas, Easter and Halloween all rolled up into one. Politics can be as funny as religion on any day. I immensely enjoy listening to people argue over “their” favorite candidate. It doesn’t matter if the nominee doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them. Basically, millions of well-meaning, genuine idiots fighting over which overseer they want to run their plantation. Last time around, the political duel was between Trump and Hillary. That wasn’t acceptable to me. This year, it’s Trump vs Biden; with a twist: Biden got himself a black woman. Many negroes will vote for Biden because of Kamala Harris, just as many will vote for Trump because he is a white supremacist. I feel sorry for Mike Pence; once again it will be “weekend at Bernie’s” for him.

As the nonsense increases, dedicated voters will gladly form a single line to enter the inner sanctum of democracy, to show, once and for all, how little they know about their own Constitution and the voting process. The main thing that is being disregarded by almost everyone, something I have been pointing out for years, in vain: voters do not elect the president of the United States of America. The Constitution states that the president will be chosen by the electors, who are not bound by the choice of the voters. That’s why many candidates who won the popular vote never became presidents. Just ask Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

There is nowhere in the Constitution that provides for citizens to go the poll and cast ballots for a president. The founding fathers were not that stupid to allow a bunch of imbeciles to elect a president who would yield so much power over the entire world.

Once they are done flinging insults at each other over the presidential candidates, idiots move to the local rigged races. I remember laughing at members of my own family, who were wishing for Andrew Gillum to win because he is black. What a way to pick a leader!

Do you know that, in most states, your ballot can be cast aside, thrown in the garbage can, if you don’t answer all the questions? So make sure you check all the required answers. Then try to figure out how you can be sure that your vote counted. If you need any hint, remember Brian Kemp in Georgia and Ron deSantis in Floriduh. When you do, please drop me a line.

As you proceed to the precinct to do your “civil duty”, which is alike mental masturbation, I will be at home doing the physical act. When I am done, at least I will have something to show for my effort.

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