3 dumb and deadly rats

The news is out: [A grand jury has indicted three Mississippi police officers on second-degree murder charges, accusing them of causing eventually fatal injuries to a man they removed from a vehicle in Jackson last year
Officers Desmond Barney, Lincoln Lampley and Anthony Fox have all been charged after a grand jury accused them of “eminently dangerous” acts, according to an indictment obtained by WLBT.
Jackson police were canvassing a neighborhood after the fatal shooting in a botched robbery hours earlier when they came across 61-year-old George Robinson, sitting in his car.
The three Black officers, who claim they saw Robinson dealing drugs, pulled him out of the vehicle for “noncompliance.” The officers, at the time all with Jackson Police Department, body slammed Robinson headfirst into pavement and struck and kicked him in the head and chest after removing him from a vehicle, the grand jury alleges in the indictment.
Robinson was released from custody at the scene about an hour later and returned to his motel room. That evening, he was hospitalized.
He died two days later and a coroner ruled his death homicide by blunt force trauma. The Jackson Police Department’s Internal Affairs division found no evidence of wrongdoing. A coroner ruled the death a homicide by blunt force trauma, according to WLBT.]

3 dumb negroes murdering a 61 year old black man, so they can pass. This must stop. Sue the bastards.

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