Yet, again

The news is out: [SYLVANIA, Ga. – Family, friends and people seeking social injustice reform gathered Friday evening in downtown Sylvania for a candlelight vigil for Julian Edward Roosevelt Lewis, who died from a Georgia State Patrol trooper’s single shot seven days earlier during a traffic stop on a county dirt road.
Trooper Jacob Gordon Thompson, 27, was charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation with felony murder and aggravated assault three hours before the start of the vigil for Lewis, a 60-year-old carpenter who was characterized by loved ones as a “great caring man.”
The president of Georgia’s NAACP chapter called the slaying of Lewis another chilling example of a Black man being killed unlawfully by a white law enforcement officer. An attorney for Lewis’ family said the trooper initiated the traffic stop over a burned-out tail light and Lewis was shot almost immediately after the trooper forced his car into a ditch.]

Not the first, won’t be the last. But it must stop.

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