Another little boy blue

The news is out: [The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office has placed a deputy on administrative leave and launched an investigation after the deputy was seen in a video pressing a Black handcuffed teenager against a wall and saying, “I’ll show you what f—ing freedom of speech is.”
A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office told Insider that “Sheriff [Ric] Bradshaw does not condone the behavior of our deputy and takes this matter very seriously.”
The video, which has spread widely across social media, showed the deputy handcuffing 19-year-old Kevin Wygant, who could be heard telling the deputy, “Yes, I do have the freedom of speech.”
Not to us, you don’t,” the deputy responded.
“Oh, I don’t have the freedom of speech to you?” Wygant said.
“F— no,” the deputy replied, grabbing the back of Wygant’s shirt and shoving him face-first into the wall. “F— with me and I’ll show you what f—ing freedom of speech is.”
The video garnered attention after civil rights attorney Ben Crump tweeted the clip, calling the deputy’s actions “UNACCEPTABLE behavior!!”
Public jail records show that Wygant was arrested on the trespassing charge on August 15 and released the next day on his own recognizance.
He told the Sun Sentinel he was relieved the encounter was captured on video.]

Most cops turn their uniforms into clown outfits. This moron took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution!

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