Bill Clinton is back

The news is out: [You can’t hold a Democratic convention without a Bill Clinton speech. It’s the law, apparently. He’s haunted every convention hall since before AOC was born. Every balloon that has ever been Democratically inflated since 1988 has had a small chance of falling gently onto his head. And so of course we must hear from him again tonight.
But must we, really?
He is, of course, a two-term president, and he’s given a couple of great convention speeches. (He really saved Obama’s bacon in 2012, when he made Obama’s case better than Obama did.) But Clinton, who has every political gift except knowing when to shut his mouth, should have given 2020 a pass, and have had the wit to know that the party doesn’t need to hear from him.
What has changed since the 2016 convention is #MeToo. When the #MeToo movement exploded in October 2017, within days it compelled even Clinton’s admirers to reckon with the allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault levied against Clinton. We’ve long known Bill Clinton was a philanderer and a liar. And while Clinton’s lawyers have offered broad denials when confronted claims such as those made by Juanita Broaddrick, he never persuasively rebutted these claims.
The Democratic Party no longer needs Bill Clinton to make their case. They have Obamas and Joe Biden and Kamal Harris and Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and even Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton no longer belongs at the podium. He brings shame on the party. —DP]

Tonight, I plan to be on the floor of my house, laughing until I cry. I hope to listen to Bill Clinton’s speech and imagine John J. Dilulio Jr standing next to him. They are the assholes who sent so many negroes to jail for a long time.

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