Non-lethal, my butt

The news is out: [“Less lethal” beanbag ammunition is anything but.
Protesters hit with the projectiles suffered traumatic injuries ranging from lacerations to facial fractures, a dozen doctors wrote in a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine published online Friday.
The doctors called on law enforcement nationwide to stop using the supposedly “less lethal” munitions for crowd control.
Doctors treated beanbag-round injuries in 19 people who were wounded over two days, they detailed in the letter.
The small cloth bags do not contain anything remotely resembling beans. They are stuffed with lead shot and fired from a standard shotgun, according to HealthDay News. The idea is that they can cause pain but not serious harm.
But that’s not what the ER doctors found.
Skull fractures, brain bleeds and broken jaws were just some of the injuries the doctors described. One critically injured 20-year-old man was in intensive care and spent more than three weeks in the hospital before being discharged to rehab.
He and at least one other protester had to have part of their skulls removed because of brain swelling.
Four of the patients had beanbags or their parts embedded in penetration wounds, the doctors said. Eight had to be admitted to the hospital, and seven all told needed surgery. Broken elbows, bruises and cuts were among the other injuries.
“Beanbag rounds are purported to be ‘less lethal’ munitions that should not cause penetrating injuries when used at appropriate distances,” the doctors wrote. “Although our report reflects the experience at only one center during a short period and we cannot determine the frequency of injuries when these munitions are used, these findings highlight the fact that beanbag munitions can cause serious harm and are not appropriate for use in crowd control.”]

What else will they use as means to suppress the people’s Constitutional rights? Sue the bastards.

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