Blue love

The news is out: [A Montgomery ISD police officer is accused of assaulting her fiance, a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy, before showing up at the emergency room saying he choked her, officials said.
Diamond Watson, 24, faces a charge of assault on a family member, according to Harris County district court documents. The school district did not immediately respond to an inquiry.
Watson struck her fiance three times near his right ear and jaw, rupturing his eardrum, during an Aug. 9 fight at their apartment at 1818 Fannin Speedway in Houston’s Central Southwest district, according to a Houston police officer who investigated the incident.
Watson drove herself to an emergency room that night and told a nurse she was assaulted by her fiance, court records show. He became angry when she looked through his phone, she said. He threw the phone across the room, choked her with both hands and later punched her near her right eye, Watson reportedly said.
In one account, Watson said she was able to break free, while another time she said she could not remove his grip from her neck.
The investigating police officer, M.J. Glover, found no injuries consistent with the assault Watson described, he wrote in court documents. Watson had slight discoloration on the left side of her neck, “but it did not appear to be bruising,” Glover said. He found no injuries around her eyes.
The deputy told a different story. He said he was asleep when Watson accused him of cheating and struck him without warning. She then broke his phone on the bathroom floor, held it under running water and left the apartment, he told the police investigator.
Glover found redness around the deputy’s right ear and said the ruptured ear drum was confirmed when he visited an urgent care physician.
The deputy allowed Glover to search the apartment. The police officer said he found broken glass on the floor consistent with the smashed phone, but did not see signs of a struggle or recent repair.]

Such a lovely story. I have tears in my eyes.

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