No peaches?

The news is out: [The US Food and Drug Administration is investigating a salmonella outbreak affecting 68 people in nine states that could be linked to tainted peaches.
The bagged peaches were sold under the Wawona brand name in 2-pound clear, plastic bags at ALDI stores in 16 states starting on June 1.
ALDI has voluntarily recalled the peaches shipped to the following states: Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin and West Virginia.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified the peaches as the likely source of the salmonella infections, according to a news release from the FDA. “FDA’s traceback investigation is ongoing to determine the full scope of product distribution and source of contamination,” the agency said.
Infections were reported in Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.
The FDA is urging anyone who bought the peaches, such as restaurants, retailers and consumers, to throw them out.]

( I say: Don’t throw out bad produce, return them and get your money back. Why should you carry the double loss? It’s not your fault.)

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