Another boy blue

The news is out: [A white Georgia police officer is under investigation by his department after his tasing of a Black woman led to a viral video that’s been viewed over 18 million times, generating social media outrage.
Video posted to TikTok and shared by local media outlets shows an officer arguing on Tuesday with a group of women on the porch of a home.
“You’re on our property,” a woman in the video says. “We did not call you.”
In the video, the officer, after asking if the woman wants to go to jail for obstructing his investigation, asks the woman to turn around and she refuses. He grabs for her and she avoids him, stepping behind another woman at the scene.
There’s a brief scuffle between the woman and the officer, who then draws his Taser after the woman steps away from him. He tells the woman to “get on the (expletive) ground” before deploying his Taser.
According to a police report sent to USA TODAY by the police department, the officer, identified as Michael Oxford, was responding to a property damage call.]

Another white cop on the beat; jackbooted neo-Nazi confederate skinhead terrorist supremacist Neanderthal

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