Faces of racism

The news is out: [Dr. Stella Immanuel, the Houston pastor-physician at the center of controversy over her unsupported claims that an anti-malaria drug can cure COVID-19, tweeted Thursday that the Texas Medical Board has opened an investigation of her.
The tweet comes 20 days after the board issued a statement noting it can take action against doctors who promise a cure for COVID-19. The statement added that any complaint for false, misleading or deceptive advertising would be reviewed following its standard enforcement process.
“I’ve hired good attorneys so I don’t get shut down,” Immanuel posted on Twitter.
In the tweet, Immanuel also sought donations to fund her legal efforts. The tweet provided a link to a web page where she wrote, “many patients and those I’ve inspired will be marginalized if I were to (be) shut down.”
The board, which regulates the practice of medicine in Texas, Thursday would not confirm it is conducting an investigation of Immanuel. A spokesman noted that doctor complaints and investigations are “statutorily confidential.”
Immanuel drew international attentional in late July thanks to a video shared on social media calling it “fake science” to say the drug hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work and adding that “if they put everybody on hydroxychloroquine it would stop COVID-19 in its tracks in 30 days.” She wrote that “Big Tech is censoring Experts and suppressing the CURE. I will not be silenced.”]

Why can’t a black woman peddle the same crap as Jim Bakker, Trump, Keith Lawrence Middlebrook, Mark and Joseph Grenon, and all the others from Tik-Tok to the rest of the internet? Why hasn’t Trump been arrested for practicing medicine without a license?

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