Friendly cops

The news is out: [A Florida internal affairs investigator has been removed from his post over bias favoring a Fort Lauderdale officer who shot a woman with a rubber bullet during a protest in May.
According to the Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale Police Sgt. Jeffrey Newman was removed from the department’s Office of Internal Affairs for telling LaToya Ratlieff that the officer who shot her during a Black Lives Matter protest was his friend, and that he didn’t intend to shoot her.
Ratlieff, a 34-year-old civil rights protester, needed 20 stitches after she was shot in the face during a peaceful demonstration in downtown Fort Lauderdale on May 31.
A photo of her injured face went viral and mobilized civil rights activists across the country, who took to social media platforms to demand accountability.
According to Ratlieff, Newman told her that he has “worked with [him] before. He’s a good guy. I know he didn’t intentionally mean to do it. And it’s my job to investigate and to see what happened.”]

No one has been able to determine if cops are better at lying or violating people’s Constitutional rights.

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