The weakest links

The news is out: [A majority of Republicans surveyed in a national poll believe the number of deaths from the coronavirus is “acceptable,” and hold positive views of the US response to the pandemic.
The new poll showed a significant partisan divide over how each party sees the health emergency, which is killing some 1,000 Americans every day.
Fifty-seven percent of Republicans surveyed agreed with the statement that the number of coronavirus deaths in the US — which this week reached over 176,000 — was “acceptable.”
Conversely, 90 percent of Democrats said the number of deaths was unacceptable, as did 67 percent of independents.
The poll was carried out by YouGov on behalf of CBS News, using a representative sample of 2,226 registered voters interviewed between August 19-21, 2020.]

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, there are that many idiots in this country. And they vote.

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