Black, hot, female

The news is out: [More than 100 people marched through downtown San Diego on Sunday afternoon to protest violence against Black women and systemic racism across the country.
Carrying “Black Lives Matter” posters and wearing T-shirts with the names of Black women killed by police, the marchers chanted the names — one by one — of Black women who have lost their lives to violence.
The march was organized by Dream High Black Girls, a nonprofit launched by students at San Diego High School and Patrick Henry High School. Called “Say Her Name,” the march attracted dozens of Black women, but also women of other races and a few men.
In addition to police brutality against Black women, the march focused on other sources of violence and danger including hate crimes, domestic violence and racially biased health care.]

Black women have been fighting racism as long as black men, seeking an elusive equal justice. While black men have been slaughtered, black women more likely were raped and degraded.

Hoes is a slur depicting only black women, that was created to express another white necessity and short coming. It follows the portrayal of black women as sexually promiscuous which began during slavery, extended through the Jim Crow period, and continues today. The white society used blaxploitation movies to depict the negro men as pimps, drug dealers, violent criminals; and black women as prostitutes, and bad mothers. Since the onset of slavery, the white rapist created the worldly image of the black woman as a lusty object of desire to justify his own tendencies, since apparently white women were not that appealing to him with no breasts and flat butts.

Today, a white woman, in Girls gone wild, is a self-respected, self-controlled, modest, pure as snow lass experiencing her sexuality and having fun; while a black woman, on black Spring Break, is a hoe. A white stripper, or porn star, is just another expression of ultimate feminist art, women exercising autonomy over their bodies, profiting from man’s desire; while a black stripper or porn star is an expression of promiscuity and immodesty.

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