South Africa

The news is out: [South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has thrown down the gauntlet to detractors in the ruling party who’ve been undermining his efforts to combat graft, as public anger mounts over the misappropriation of funds to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.
In an unprecedented seven-page letter circulated to members of the African National Congress at the weekend, Ramaphosa warned that the 108-year-old party’s reputation was being undermined and its support was being eroded by officials who abused their positions for personal gain.
We have allowed corruption to continue and, at times, to flourish within our ranks,” Ramaphosa said in the letter — the first such appeal he ever addressed directly to the party’s rank and file. “The ANC may not stand alone in the dock, but it does stand as accused No. 1. This is the stark reality that we must now confront.”
The ANC led the fight against white-minority rule and has held power since the country’s first multi-racial elections in 1994. Graft became endemic during the nine-year rule of Ramaphosa’s predecessor, Jacob Zuma. More than 500 billion rand ($29.5 billion) was probably looted from state coffers during the period, according to government estimates.]

Like neutered dogs, a bunch of dumb negroes still don’t get it.

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