Will the real Obama please stand up

With tears in my eyes, I laughed at former President Barack Obama offering some of his most pointed criticism of Trump yet during his remarks at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday August 20th, 2020. The next day, I opened my book “2 burgers and a beer” to read the following:

When chaos erupted in Ferguson, president Barack Obama said: “this kind of violence and destruction of property is never justified.” Still, Obama lashed into the rioters who torched buildings and looted businesses in Baltimore a day earlier, calling them “criminals and thugs” who were destroying their own communities.

Instead of leading his so-called brothers and sisters to a land of milk and honey, Barack Hussein Obama convinced negroes to stay on the plantation. Obama is not my brother; he couldn’t even be my cousin.

I wonder what Obama thinks about the following riots: Tennessee 2010, because Lane Kiffin was no longer going to coach their football team; Pennsylvania 2011, because some pedophiles lost their job for ignoring sexual abuse of children; Huntington Beach, November 24th 2014, after a surfing competition; Denver 2014, because a football team lost; San Francisco 2012, because a baseball team won; Vancouver 2011, because a hockey team lost; Keene, New Hampshire 2014, the riot that broke out during the pumpkin festival (fires were started, cars were flipped, and expletives hurled at cops); Boston 2014, because a baseball team won a game (one woman was killed by cops); West Virginia 2014, because a football team unexpectedly won a regular season game; Lexington, KY 2012, because a basketball team won a game…
They were not thugs, rioters, savages, animals, just “unruly” college kids being rowdy. So Obama’s words denote only his ignorance and stupidity, all wrapped up into one dumb idiot in front of a camera; plain and simple.

Merriam-Webster defines “thug” as a violent criminal. Originally, thug was the name given by the British in India, in the 19th century, to a member of a band of thieves and murderers. Today in the US, a thug is any black man acting in a manner, displeasing to or not “approved” by the white man and/or white media. Thug is a replacement word, used today by people who want to appear politically correct and who don’t have the balls to refer to a black man as a, well,.. nigger.

Even former New York City convicted and jailed criminal Bernard Kerik made an appearance on CNN to support the police and their use of lethal force, saying “you cannot allow people to act like savages; you cannot allow people to act like animals.”

Cops going around slaughtering negroes in the US, violating their Constitutional rights, are advancing the same purpose of slavery, which is to deprive black families of their male providers. They are doing it to destabilize the black communities. Enough black men have been murdered. Enough black women have been raped. Enough black babies have been sacrificed on the altar of white supremacy. Enough black families have been destroyed.

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