Non-stop laughter

The news is out: [Michael Steele once served as chairman of the Republican National Committee, and now, he’s committed to ensuring that the party’s presidential nominee doesn’t win in November.
Steele announced on Monday that he has joined the Lincoln Project, an organization founded by conservatives that aims to keep President Trump from being re-elected in November. Steele told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that “today is the day where things should matter and you need to take stock of what matters to you — and the kind of leader you want to lead in these moments. And for me, it ain’t him.”]

My involvement in politics is limited to laughing at the rigged system and the many morons who lubricate the parts. From the candidates to the voters, it’s just one long line of idiots, dedicated to making me laugh.

While I respect the constitutional right of everyone to be as stupid as they want to be, I am nevertheless amazed at the imbeciles who send money to the candidates and think that gives them some kind of right to decide on the crooked rules. The money would have been better wasted on the lottery. I fail every time to understand the concept that a supposedly decent and intelligent human being believes that his/her “contribution” of a measly $20 is better than the millions from PACs, lobbyists and foreign governments.

Of course, I enjoy sharing the laughter with anyone who can see the travesty and irony involved. People are ready to fight each other for a job applicant who doesn’t give a damn about them; like they have a choice in electing the president of the USA. They are totally impervious to the fact that the system is designed to accept votes only from very few foreign and domestic people with better and richer judgment.

Unfortunately, politics bring more than laughter. Americans don’t seem to care, but I am not laughing at the plight of Claudia Conway. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum Kellyanne and George are too busy mentally stroking each other over Trump’s naked pictures to devote any kind of quality time with their kids. That’s success to them?

I am waiting to see where the Lincoln Project actors will hide if Trump is re-elected. I am waiting to see the news headlines when Trump is fired. I am waiting to see if Kamala Harris will become the “first black” president if the coronavirus gets Joe Biden, who hasn’t been tested. I am waiting to see if my bottle of Ricardo* will survive this election charade.

(* Ricardo is a coconut rum from the Bahamas)

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