Racist and false information

The news is out: [“If you’re at all a melanated woman, it’s really hard to find sunscreen,” Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in a recent video with Vogue.
People of color oftentimes have a difficult time finding sunscreens that look good and properly protect melanin-rich skin from the sun.
“Many of my patients report that while they want to wear sunscreen, they are often disappointed by the ‘white cast’ that many sunscreens can leave on their skin,” Dr. Valerie Harvey, a dermatologist in Newport News, Virginia, told Insider.
Sunscreens often leave people of color looking grey, ashy, or purple because of the ‘white cast’ they can leave.
“In addition, since sunscreens have been predominantly marketed to individuals with fair/white skin for skin cancer prevention- patients with skin of color are less likely to believe that benefit from wearing sunscreen.”
But sunscreen is crucial for everyone to wear to prevent skin cancer, premature aging, and other skin conditions due to sun exposure with no protection.
Insider spoke to two dermatologists on the best ways to find sunscreen for melanin-rich skin.]

No intelligent black person should follow this BS article. The way corporations and suckers confuse people is to hide the message under a bunch of crap; like “Sunscreens often leave people of color looking grey, ashy, or purple.”

Black people DO NOT need sunscreen; it will give you cancer faster than the sun. We are the children of the sun; not just the sun, the African sun. It is absolutely stupid to lay in the sun for hours. The proper way is to not shower or bathe for 2 hours after 20 minutes of sun exposure in the morning, and 20 minutes in the afternoon. That’s all the human body needs, every day. Even animals don’t lay in the sun around noon; they relax in the shade.

The sun provides benefits to the intelligent people and cancer to the dumb ones. If you are cold blooded like a lizard or a gator, go ahead and lay in the sun all day.

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