Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Harmonic Nature is voluntarily recalling all 800 bottles Hand Sanitizer, 250mL, product due to the potential presence of 1-propanol. The products have been tested and found to contain 1 propanol.
Risk Statement: Any amount of 1-propanol with a concentration greater than or equal to 1% by volume that is unlisted in a product labeled as an ethanol-based hand sanitizer has a reasonable probability of acute toxicity from ingestion which can cause central nervous system depression, which could result in death, permanent impairment, or necessitate medical or surgical intervention. Populations most at risk include individual with alcohol addiction and adolescents, who have been known to ingest ethanol-based antiseptic rubs intentionally to become intoxicated, as well as infants and children who may unintentionally ingest the defective product. Harmonic Nature has not received any reports of adverse events related to this recall.
The product is used as a hand sanitizer and is packaged in 250 mL plastic bottles , with UPC Code 7500462892210. The product can be identified by Harmonic Nature as a hand sanitizer Topical Solution distributed only to and currently on hold at the US custom bróker, Aquiles INC.

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