Fighting the truth

The news is out: [Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the National Fraternal Order of Police are denouncing a social studies assignment that included political cartoons depicting the treatment of Black people in American history.
One cartoon, which was used at Cooper Junior High School in Wylie, Texas, in mid-August, sparked outrage on social media, with critics saying it compared police to the Ku Klux Klan.
Some parents in the Wylie Independent School District just north of Dallas also complained about the assignment, which was posted online by an unidentified eighth-grade teacher.
One of the cartoons depicts five scenes of African American men lying on the ground with their hands shackled or tied behind their back, first with a White slave trader’s knee on their neck, then a slave owner in the same position, a hooded Ku Klux Klan member, a sheriff from the Jim Crow era and then what appears to be a rendering of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd’s neck.
Throughout the scenes, the Black man says he can’t breathe.
The National Fraternal Order of Police sent a letter to Wylie ISD Superintendent David Vinson on August 19 denouncing the assignment, saying it compared police officers to slave owners and the KKK. It asked the district to withdraw the assignment and issue an apology to parents.
“I cannot begin to tell you how abhorrent and disturbing this comparison is, but what is more disturbing is that no adult within your school thought better before sending this assignment to children,” wrote Joe Gamaldi, the group’s vice president.
Abbott called for the teacher who gave the assignment to be fired and asked for an investigation by the Texas Education Agency.
“A teacher in a Texas public school comparing police officers to the KKK is beyond unacceptable,” the governor tweeted. “It’s the opposite of what must be taught.”]

American students do not need “this kind” of social studies assignment; let them watch the news on any day. Please note that Abbott never called for a cop to be fired for the murder of a black man.

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