La merde française

The news is out: [PARIS (AP) — A French magazine apologized Saturday after portraying a Black lawmaker as a slave, as France’s government and officials across the political spectrum decried the publication.
The legislator, Danielle Obono from the far-left party Defiant France, said the publication flies in the face of those who complain that free speech is threatened by the fight against racism and sexism.
“You can still write racist s—- in a rag illustrated with a Black French parliament member repainted as a slave,” she tweeted. “The extreme right — odious, stupid and cruel.”
The magazine, Valeurs Actuelles, which caters to readers on the right and far right, apologized in a statement Saturday. Deputy editor Tagdual Denis told BFM television that the image wasn’t designed to wound Obono and denied that it was an attention-getting ploy. But he added: “What I regret is that we are always accused of racism … we are politically incorrect, it’s in our DNA.”]

The French are the dumbest mutations of Dravidian albinos. They are still dizzy and stupid from the beating they took in 1804.

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