Cops in Georgia are still at it

The news is out: [A pair of police officers in Georgia were fired and could face criminal charges after allegedly tying a t-shirt across the face of a man who spit at them in April, an incident report contends.
The terminations of Cpl. Daniel Kang and Sgt. Octavio Arango from their jobs with Savannah Police Department were announced on Aug. 12.
At the time, the department’s chief said the officers had been looking for a domestic violence suspect and used force while arresting the wrong person.
Although the chief, Roy Minter, did not go into specifics about the incident, a police report cited by Savannah radio news station WSVH-FM says the officers kicked down an apartment door, with Arango saying he put his knee on the upper back of a man named Darryl Faitele and handcuffed him.
The report claims Arango saw blood on the man’s face and chin and, after Faitele allegedly spit at the officers, Arango “forcefully shoved” the man’s face down.
The officers are accused of then pulling Faitele’s shirt over his head, and tying a second shirt across his mouth, according to the report.]

Please remember that a good cop is one who hasn’t been caught yet.

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