It’s a duck

The news is out: [A Long Island town is investigating the circumstances behind one of its firetrucks displaying a Confederate flag.
According to the Brookhaven Fire Department, a photo circulating on social media of a Confederate flag hanging on the side of its fire engine is legitimate.
“The unauthorized action was done without the knowledge of our leadership team and is condemned in the strongest of terms,” Chief of Department Peter Di Pinto Jr. told NBC 4. “We can assure our community that ‘Racism has no home in our Firehouse.’”]

And the usual BS “While one incident or individual is not reflective of an entire Fire Department, it is a reminder that we still have more work to do to eradicate hate and bigotry on Long Island,” Bellone added.

Racism has built-in stupidity. The person who displayed the confederate flag doesn’t know that New York fought against the confederacy.

While one racist incident or individual is not reflective of an entire Fire Department; there are plenty of reminders. Firemen directed high pressure water hoses from a long range, at a group of blacks in a wooded section in Birmingham, Ala., May 4, 1963. Also, on July 15, 1963, photographer Bill Hudson snapped photographs as members of the Birmingham Fire Department turned their hoses full force on civil rights demonstrators.

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