Terrorist in the White House

The news is out: [Denouncing Black Lives Matter protesters as “agitators and thugs,” President Trump on Sunday called for a federal crackdown on demonstrations in cities like Washington, D.C., and Portland, Ore., where a man died after tensions between pro-Trump and liberal groups burst into violence.
Starting before 6 a.m., Trump let loose a barrage of nearly 90 tweets and retweets touting his chances for reelection, attacking Democratic state and local officials over ongoing protests and defending aggressive actions by his supporters in Portland, who appeared to be firing paintballs and pepper spray at onlookers from pickup trucks as they drove through the city streets Saturday night.
Soon after, Trump responded to a video from Saturday that appeared to show a cavalcade of hundreds of vehicles bearing pro-Trump signs and flags driving toward downtown Portland, writing: “GREAT PATRIOTS!”]

More than anything, it’s a full assault on the Constitution.

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