Kamala Harris, American puzzle

The news is out: [News that Sen. Kamala Harris was Joe Biden’s choice for the 2020 Democratic vice presidential nominee drove speculation and argumentation about her identity. The big question appeared to be, “Is Kamala Harris truly African American?”
There were numerous articles and opinion pieces about whether Harris can legitimately claim to be African American; the authenticity of her Black identity if she has an Indian mother; what it means for her to be biracial; and other articles opining and speculating about her racial, ethnic and even national identity.
Harris, the daughter of immigrant parents from Jamaica and India, identifies as Black/African American while also embracing her Indian heritage. Yet the questions in social media and news outlets swirling around her identities demonstrate a continued misunderstanding of race and mixed-race people.]

Most Americans are morons who think bilingual means English and Spanish. They are the same people who can be seen sleeping at green traffic lights, confused between paper and plastic, or making a right turn while the left blinker is flashing. They are the same contemplating if Trump refuses to accept defeat in November.

Welcome to the US where you will find more idiots per square inch than any other country; the dumbest place on Earth.

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