Approved murders

The news is out: [TALLAHASSEE (AP) — A Leon County grand jury declined to issue indictments against Tallahassee police officers involved in the shooting deaths of three people in separate incidents that helped ignite Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Florida’s capital city.
Jurors concluded that the police officers were justified in using lethal force in the separate shootings of Mychael Johnson, Tony McDade and Wilbon Woodard, the Tallahassee Democrat reported. All three were Black.
Activists called for a demonstration Saturday afternoon.
Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey appealed for calm within the community, noting “the pain and trauma that these incidents have caused, especially in our communities of color.”
On Friday, shortly after the release of the grand jury’s report, the mayor called for a review of the police department’s use of deadly force and said he would seek to include a mental health component to how police respond to incidents.]

I told you the judicial system is as corrupt and complicit. There are as many jackbooted neo-Nazi confederate skinhead terrorist supremacist Neanderthals… in other words, judges on the bench. Justice denied.

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