Armed and stupid

The news is out: [A New Hampshire Police Department is refusing a labor arbitrator’s ruling to reinstate a police officer who the department found had made racist comments and intentionally damaged property.
Manchester Police Officer Aaron Brown was fired from the department in 2018 after a complaint against him prompted an investigation that uncovered he had sent “text messages that included extremely disturbing racist remarks,” according to a Friday statement from the Manchester Police Department.
The investigation also uncovered that Brown sent texts on his department-issued cell phone claiming “to have intentionally damaged property while executing search warrants.”
A criminal investigation into the destruction of property allegations followed, but there was not enough evidence to file charges.
Still, the Manchester Police Department, under Chief Nick Willard, fired Brown in April when the internal investigation was concluded.
The Manchester Police Patrolman Association filed a grievance over Brown’s termination, which culminated in 2019 with an arbitrator ruling that “Brown’s racist comments were egregious and had no place in law enforcement” but still should not have been fired.
The arbitrator ruled that Brown should have been suspended for 30 days, and should be rehired and paid backpay minus salary for those 30 days.]

I bet posting his racist beliefs is the smartest thing Aaron Brown has ever done in his entire life. White supremacist values.

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