Human rights violations

The news is out: [BOSTON (AP) — Supporters of eight Massachusetts families whose loved ones have died at the hands of police are planning a demonstration at the Statehouse on Wednesday to ask the governor to reopen past cases of what they call police brutality.
The families along with the organization Mass Action Against Police Brutality want Gov. Charlie Baker to assign a special prosecutor to look at the cases.
The protest is being held in solidarity and support of the family of Jacob Blake, the Black man from Kenosha, Wisconsin shot in the back by a white officer last month. The shooting sparked days of sometimes violent protests.
The government of Massachusetts has routinely refused to indict, much less convict and jail any officer that has taken the life of a civilian,” Brock Satter, an organizer for Mass Action Against Police Brutality, said in a statement.
The families of DJ Henry, Eurie Stamps, Malcolm Gracia, Burell Ramsey-White, Ross Batista, Usaamah Rahim, Terrence Coleman, and Juston Root are all currently involved in efforts to have their cases reopened.
Representatives of several of the families are expected to attend Wednesday’s demonstration, Satter said.]

These killings are no different than what Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, or Stalin allowed. They are crimes against humanity.

Police reform will not be legit until and unless qualified immunity, no-knock warrant, chokehold, police unions are outlawed and a national database for law enforcement prevents the rehire of cops who are caught. Please remember that a good cop is one who hasn’t been caught yet. Jackbooted neo-Nazi confederate skinhead terrorist supremacist Neanderthals… in other words, cops are an extension of the KKK and white supremacy.

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