Bayou cop

The news is out: [A Louisiana police officer was placed on administrative leave and two others pulled from duty after social media video surfaced of an arrest of a Black teenager over the weekend, according to the Lafayette Police Department and the child’s family’s attorney.
Lafayette police arrived around 11:30 p.m. Saturday to the Acadiana Lanes bowling alley, police said in a news release. Officers were responding to reports of someone near the bowling alley with a gun, said a lawyer for the family of twin 16-year-olds, Jabari and Gerard Celestine.
Neither teen had a gun, attorney Ron Haley Jr. told CNN.
The incident is the latest to draw national attention to how police treat Black people. Lafayette police less than a month ago fatally shot a 31-year-old Black man in an encounter that’s been investigated by state law enforcement.
“There is a problem with systemic racism and bias in policing and how police treat young Black men,” Haley told CNN.
The Celestine twins were waiting Saturday outside the bowling alley before going in, a requirement of Covid-19 measures in the state, the lawyer said. Lafayette officers approached Jabari, read him his rights and handcuffed him, Haley said.
Videos shared on social media show parts of what happened next. In one, a teen, whom Haley says is Gerard, is shown approaching an officer, who appears to push him. Another shows the officer appearing to push Gerard to the ground. Other videos appear to show an officer hitting the teen as they try to handcuff him.
Jabari was released without being charged, and Gerard was arrested on counts of interference, resisting arrest and battery of a police officer, Haley said.]

If a video “appears” to show something, please see an eye doctor, because you are as blind as fuck.

Once again “administrative leave” is police jargon for paid vacation.

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