DEA high

The news is out: [A 31-year-old former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) task force officer in Louisiana who pleaded guilty to federal drug charges in 2018, was arrested by federal authorities in McAllen, Texas and charged with a several new drug-related offenses, according to the Department of Justice.
Johnny Jacob Domingue was apprehended by federal authorities on Wednesday and charged with possession with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine.
According to the criminal complaint, between July and September of 2020, Domingue had negotiated to purchase four kilograms of cocaine for approximately $100,000. He also negotiated the transportation of an additional four kilograms of cocaine, the DOJ said.
Domingue, also a former Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy, is alleged to have traveled to Edinburg, Texas and picked up a vehicle that was “loaded with eight kilograms of cocaine concealed inside a secret compartment.” Authorities believe he planned on transporting the vehicle to Houston and Louisiana in order to unload the cocaine to local buyers.
Domingue had previously pleaded guilty in Feb. 2018 to federal and state charges for possession of cocaine and misappropriating money confiscated by the DEA. He was sentenced 21 months in prison and was released in March of 2019.
The defendant was a key witness in the corruption trial of former DEA agent Chad Scott, who led Domingue’s Louisiana-based federal task force. After a hung jury resulted in a mistrial for Scott in March of last year, a second trial resulted in the former officer being convicted of seven felony counts, including perjury, obstruction of justice, and falsification of government records.]

Two of a kind? No, they are everywhere in law enforcement.

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