The hose dragger

The news is out: [The Los Angeles Police Department will refer to prosecutors for possible criminal charges a 2019 incident in which an L.A. firefighter punched a restrained detainee in the head, police officials said Friday.
The announcement, released alongside previously unpublished body-camera footage of the incident, marks an abrupt shift in a case that had lingered unresolved for 18 months until The Times received a tip about it in August and published two articles detailing what occurred.
Firefighter Derek Farrow, who had previously rejected internal punishment in the matter in favor of going before a disciplinary panel, instead accepted a 12-day suspension from the Fire Department late last month — one day after The Times’ first article was published, internal records show.
The footage, recorded by an unidentified LAPD sergeant, shows Farrow twice punch the detainee, Earl Hatton, while Hatton is strapped to a hospital gurney in a hallway of L.A. County-USC Medical Center in March 2019. The video also shows Farrow holding a towel around Hatton’s face.
The Times had previously obtained hospital surveillance footage showing Farrow tighten the towel around Hatton’s face and use it to yank the man’s head down on the gurney. Internal records obtained by The Times said the use of the towel by Farrow, who is white, had prompted Hatton, who is Black, to yell, “I can’t breathe!”]

These wet supremacist terrorists were side by side with the cops, against the civil rights movement.

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