Truly shocking

The news is out: [A pastor and local president of a Massachusetts NAACP chapter called on police officers and other supporters of the “Blue Lives Matter” narrative to stop comparing their career choice to he and other Black Americans’ lives.
Bishop Talbert Swan, who is president of the Springfield, Massachusetts chapter of the NAACP, told Newsweek Monday he believes people who are promoting “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” are being disingenuous with their narrative. A Sunday tweet from Swan urged white Americans and police officers to stop conflating one’s race, skin color with the choice of one’s job. He noted that no American ever said “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter” until Black people began saying “Black Lives Matter.”
Swan said the idea that police officers’ lives matter “is nothing that Black people didn’t agree with.” He called on critical white Americans to uphold the same respect for the BLM movement, which he said is aimed primarily at the elimination of police brutality against unarmed Black people.
“There’s no such thing as BLUE LIVES…Stop comparing your JOB with my LIFE…Your CAREER is a choice, my BLACKNESS isn’t,” Swan tweeted Sunday, prompting immediate scorn and praise.]

The blue lives thing is so stupid that it hurts. First they couldn’t come up with their own mantra, so they had to copy negroes one more time. Then, there is no blue lives because there are no blue people. Just a bunch of egotistic morons.

The irony from this article is that black pastors are doing more harm to the black communities than the cops. Words are useless banter; actions speak loud and clear.

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