How it’s done

The news is out: [Editors at The Miami Herald and its sister Spanish-language newspaper, El Nuevo Herald, apologized to readers this week for including a Spanish-language insert that said American Jews support “thieves and arsonists” and compared Black Lives Matter protesters to Nazis.
In an open letter published Monday, the editors said they were “deeply sorry” for the column in the “LIBRE” insert and that they would no longer include the paid Spanish-language supplement, which has included anti-Semitic and racist columns for months.
The insert that ran in Friday’s El Nuevo Herald contained a column headlined “American Jews and Israeli Jews.”
The column’s author, Roberto Luque Escalona, wrote in Spanish that Jewish Americans always talk about the Holocaust, but questioned whether they’d forgot Kristalllnacht, the name given to the events of Nov. 9 and 10, 1938, when German Nazis carried out violent raids in Jewish communities, destroying Jewish-owned businesses, and arresting and killing Jews.
Escalona lumped together Black Lives Matter protesters and antifa, the coalition of left-wing, self-described anarchist activists who have violently confronted white nationalists. He said those groups had forgotten Kristallnacht, but suggested they were worse than Nazis because “the Nazis didn’t steal; they only destroyed.”]

Just spread whatever manure you feel like sharing, then apologize while the impact of your stupidity is still going around. Everything is fine now, Roberto. Pendejo.

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