Stealing from Paul AND Peter

The news is out: [As the United States Postal Service maintains its place in the political spotlight, some supporters on social media are claiming it was treated unfairly in the disbursement of emergency COVID-19 loans — or an alleged lack thereof.
“Are you OK with churches receiving 7.7 billion dollars of recovery money and zero for the USPS?” a viral Aug. 15 Facebook post reads.
A few days later, liberal Facebook page “The Other 98%” shared the same post, amplifying it to its audience of over 6 million Facebook fans and followers. The page’s post was shared 28,000 times.
Commenters on both posts decried the claim as a slap in the face to a long-held U.S. legal principle, the separation of church and state.
“I believe in separation of church and state!” one commenter wrote. “Still can’t find church included in the Constitution but found the Postal Service.”
“Why would tax-exempt churches receive tax money?!?” another wrote.]

Religion gets involved in politics and steals from the taxpayers.

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