Bias and stupidity

The news is out: [One thing we do not often talk about anymore is that more than a dozen women have alleged that the sitting president sexually assaulted them. Jessica Leeds alleges that Donald Trump groped her when she was unlucky enough to be seated next to him on an airplane. Kristin Anderson says he groped her in a nightclub before they were even introduced. Natasha Stoynoff says she went to Mar-a-Lago for People magazine to report on Trump’s one-year anniversary with Melania Trump, the current First Lady of the United States, an occasion Stoynoff alleges Trump marked by pushing her against a wall, sticking his tongue in her mouth, and saying, “We’re going to have an affair.” E. Jean Carroll says Trump raped her in a department store dressing room.
But we’ve basically swept all this under the rug, or at least accepted it as part of the furniture. Even the president’s critics and opponents scarcely mention it anymore. There’s a feeling of resignation that he simply will not face consequences for it, not unlike how people just kind of shrugged when a Republican-led Senate committee published a report that found his campaign really did collude with Russian intelligence in 2016. What’s the point? It won’t make a difference. It certainly won’t to his fans, who have taken his word that all these different women are lying, or just don’t really care. In 2016, he called all of his accusers liars and said he’d sue them all after the election. Never happened. Oh, and never mind that he bragged on tape about committing the kind of groping offense he’s repeatedly been accused of, which he said he could get away with because he was famous.]

Somehow, so far, Trump has escaped responsibility for his criminal acts.

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