One more idiot

The news is out: [Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chair James E. “Trey” Trainor III insisted that the separation of church and state is a “fallacy” while describing November’s election as a “spiritual war” in multiple recent interviews.
Trainor, a devout Catholic and an appointee of President Donald Trump, made the comments in two recent interviews with Religion News Service (RNS) and Church Militant, a right-wing Catholic news outlet.
“What we see going on around the country is complete anarchy in places where the rule of law has been completely abrogated,” Trainor told RNS. “So it is a spiritual war in that it is striking at the underlying foundations of our constitutional republic. It’s getting rid of the Christian moral principles that are the basis of the foundation of the country.”]

James E. Trainor is a Catholic, and as such, is a liar. Christian moral principles are NOT the basis of the foundation of this country.

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