Dirty cop

The news is out: [Newly released body-camera video from protests in Los Angeles this summer shows L.A. police officers yank a large protest sign from the hands of a man in a Hollywood intersection, shove him backward as he puts his hands up, then shoot him in the groin with a projectile at close range.
Ben Montemayor, a 28-year-old filmmaker, suffered serious injuries to his testicles as a result and was rushed into emergency surgery, he told The Times in the days that followed.
The video raises new questions about the LAPD’s tactics during the summer’s tumultuous protests, particularly in regard to their use of 40-mm projectiles — which, by policy, are not meant to be used on individuals for “mere noncompliance.”]

What kind of low-life slime ball would enjoy injuring someone’s groin? Now you know.

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