Buying votes

The news is out: [(Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump faces a cash deficit in his race against Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and big GOP donors are coming off the sidelines to help.
Texas billionaire Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer Partners LP donated $10 million in August to America First Action, Trump’s preferred super-PAC. Diane Hendricks, a Wisconsin billionaire, gave $2 million, according to the group’s latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.
The donations, the first for both to America First Action, were part of a $23 million haul that allowed the group to outraise three pro-Biden super-PACs combined. Though the total is dwarfed by the record-setting $364.5 million Biden and the Democratic National Committee raised, the millions pouring into Republican super-PACs could keep Trump from being swamped by Biden on television.
Biden’s deep pockets — his combined war chest stood at $466 million at the end of August compared to $325 million for Trump — have allowed his campaign to pour money into advertising. He booked $125.2 million of ads in September compared to $65.1 million for Trump, according to Advertising Analytics. But super-PACs backing Trump are helping him close the gap, spending $59.3 million compared to $18.4 million for groups backing Biden.]

When it comes to the super rich goons, it’s no longer called “buying votes”.

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