Sue the bastards

The news is out: [The daughter of a man who died after being detained and taken to the ground by two Los Angeles police officers in Van Nuys last year is now suing the city of L.A. in federal court, alleging it was excessive force that caused his death.
Nicole Juarez Zelaya, 20, claims the officers restricted her father’s breathing as they held him on the ground using their own body weight for several minutes, despite the fact that he had not committed a crime and they had no reason for handcuffing and detaining him.
He became unresponsive shortly afterward, and never recovered, dying in a hospital five days later.
“My only desire is for justice to be served,” Zelaya said in an interview with The Times. “The system is messed up and there needs to be action taken.”]

We must help the communities hire better public servants by suing the heck out of them.

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