The poster boy for stupidity

The news is out: [Even as the U.S. nears 200,00 Covid-19 deaths, HHS testing czar Brett Giroir said Sunday morning that progress was being made on many fronts.
“From the peaks in early July and late July, the number of cases are down by 41 percent,” the Health and Human Services official told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “The number of people in an ICU are down 62 percent. The number of deaths are down almost 30 percent. But we have to stay strong and do the things that could decrease the spread.”
We do have a formula to reduce the deaths, reduce the cases,” Giroir said on “State of the Union.“ “But we all have to be discipline and diligent to make sure we obey that every single day.”]

They have a formula for Covid-19: do nothing and claim success. The death toll from COVID-19 neared 200,000 on Sunday, as the country has reported 6.8 million coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.

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