Another public servant

The news is out: [Democratic leaders say Kentucky “deserves so much better” after a Republican state representative was indicted on strangulation and assault charges last Friday.
State Rep. Robert Goforth was officially charged by a grand jury last week for an April 21 incident in which a woman said he strangled her with an ethernet cable and threatened to kill her, the Corbin Times-Tribune reported.
A disagreement over her phone being locked had sparked the incident, according to the Courier-Journal. The woman said she was eventually able to leave the home after agreeing to unlock her phone.
The Laurel County Sheriff’s office said in April that three small children were inside the woman’s home during the alleged attack, which left her with visible bruising on her forehead, neck, and arms.
Goforth, 44, was arrested at the time and released after posting a $25,000 bond.
The state lawmaker later pleaded not guilty after he was charged with strangulation, assault, and terroristic threatening, according to the Courier-Journal.]

Another winner for the voters’ choice award.

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