Kids are not safe

The news is out: [The science educator behind the popular children’s YouTube channel “The Happy Scientist” has been indicted on two federal child pornography charges.
John Robert Krampf, 64, has been charged with knowingly receiving and possessing pornographic material “involving a minor who had not attained 12 years of age,” according to the September 16 indictment, which was obtained by Insider.
Investigators found “thousands upon thousands” of images and lewd videos of children while searching Krampf’s home in Kane County, Utah, Dixie State University Police Chief Blair Barfuss told the St. George News. Barfuss worked on the case in his capacity as an agent on the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force.
Barfuss said that based on the amount of footage and photos investigators discovered, Krampf “had apparently been doing this for a long time,” according to the St. George News.
The indictment was part of a sting operation that led to a dozen arrests in St. George, Utah, the St. George News reported.]

Children being attacked and preyed on by criminals, at every level, is indicative of the society we live in.

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