Hush news

The news is out: [A known white supremacist was killed in a shootout with police after escaping on foot during a traffic stop and ambushing them, CNN reports.
Deputies had tried to conduct a traffic stop on Christopher Michael Straub, 38, in Templeton, California, after recognizing that his vehicle belonged to a wanted felon.
Straub then ran through nearby vineyards to a cemetery before hiding and ambushing the deputies with a handgun, according to a press release from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.
It described how the deputies returned fire after Straub fired multiple rounds and hit one of them in the leg.
Straub then ran back through the vineyard while still armed and attempted to get back into his vehicle, where two other deputies intercepted him.
“The two additional deputies pulled up, engaged the suspect, who was still armed with a handgun, and engaged in a gun battle where the suspect was struck and pronounced dead at the scene,” Sheriff Ian Parkinson said at a news conference on Thursday, as reported by The Tribune.
“He was known by us, he was wanted by us, and he was considered armed and dangerous,” Parkinson added. While he said Straub was a known member of a white supremacist gang, he did not name one.
Straub had been booked into California jails on 28 occasions, including two incarcerations in state prison.]

This is one of the quiet news stories that doesn’t get much air time. Still can’t believe the cops took out one of their own.

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