Another holy rapist

The news is out: [Reverend June Major has been fighting for justice for 18 years, ever since she says she was raped by a fellow South African cleric.
She has undertaken various unorthodox protests in a bid to get the Anglican church of Southern Africa to open an investigation into her case and others.
On 9 August 2020, South Africa’s women’s day, Rev Major was among several women and activists who hung up underwear along the fence of the residence of the Archbishop of Southern Africa, Thabo Makgoba.
The women were protesting against what they said was inadequate action from the church over allegations of sexual misconduct by priests in the Anglican church of Southern Africa, including one who Rev Major says raped her.
“My fight isn’t against the church, it’s against the hierarchy and patriarchy that silences women, who tells us to keep quiet and who finds fault with us and allows the perpetrator to continue doing what they are doing,” she told South African media.]

As an adult, she should have known better. Protecting kids is to teach them never to turn their backs on clergy maggots.

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