Biblical stupidity 2524

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Many biblical books were deemed so stupid that 1800 imbeciles decided to ban them from the approved bible, in 325AD. Next comes The Second or St. Thomas’s Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ. (Sit tight, hang on, we are about to discover some major BS.)

The Second or St. Thomas’s Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ manuscript of the Coptic text, found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi, Egypt, is dated at around 340 AD. It was first published in a photographic edition in 1956. This was followed three years later (1959) by the first English-language translation, with Coptic transcription.

The Writing of the Holy Apostle Thomas Concerning the Childhood of the Lord.

  1. I, Thomas the Israelite, have deemed it necessary to make known to all the brethren of the heathen the great things which our Lord Jesus Christ did in His childhood, when He dwelt in the body in the city of Nazareth, going in the fifth year of His age.
  2. On one of the days, there being a rainstorm, He went out of the house where His mother was, and played on the ground where the waters were flowing. And He made pools, and brought in the waters, and the pools were filled with water. Then He says: It is my will that you become clear and excellent waters. And they became so directly. And a certain boy, the son of Annas the scribe, came past, and with a willow branch which he was carrying threw down the pools, and the water flowed out. And Jesus turning, said to him: O impious and wicked, how have the pools wronged thee, that thou hast emptied them? Thou shalt not go on thy way, and thou shalt be dried up like the branch which thou art carrying. And as he went along, in a short time he fell down and died. And when the children that were playing with him saw this, they wondered, and went away and told the father of the dead boy. And he ran and found his child dead, and he went away and reproached Joseph.

Thomas proclaims “the great things which our Lord Jesus Christ did in His childhood” by recounting how Jesus killed a boy. Great FN job, Thomas. Jesus, at 5 years of age, is well on his way to becoming a murderer. Like father, like son.

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