Let my people vote

The news is out: [As the November election nears closer, President Donald Trump has for months railed against states’ attempts to expand mail-in-voting to alleviate fears associated with in-person voting during the coronavirus pandemic.
Trump and his allies have for months claimed without evidence that an expansion of mail-in voting via the postal service will lead to widespread voter fraud.
Beginning in June, the Trump campaign has taken legal action against several states, including New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Montana, over their plans to more easily allow voters to cast their ballot by mail. The president’s campaign similarly attempted to take aim against a group of six members of the Navajo Nation in Arizona, who are suing the state to extend the deadline to receive and count mail-in ballots.
The fight over mail-in voting is poised to continue until and likely past Election Day, Politico reported Sunday, as the Trump campaign has hired a “massive legal network” consisting of dozens of attorneys to help support current and potential legal challenges in key battleground states.]

The entire system is corrupt and racist.

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